IVF meeting Prague 2019

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IVF Meeting Prague 2019

IVF meeting Prague 2019 is a conference focused on infertility treatment, legislation and comprehensive support for couples. All this under the auspices of MUDr. Martin Petrenko, CSC., MBA, the main expert of the Ministry of Health for Reproductive Medicine and MUDr. David Rumpík, Chairman of the Committee of the Assisted Reproduction Section of the Czech Gynecological and Obstetrical Society of čls Jep. The conference is aimed at anyone interested in this topic on October 12th-13th at the hotel Belvedere, Prague 7.

What is waiting for you?

  • Interesting lecture topics and information you may not have heard yet
  • Experts from the field of assisted reproduction, specialists for the support of fertility from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad
  • Republic, Slovakia and abroad
  • Possibility to consult your case with an expert
  • Treatments and methods that are not available in other countries
  • Inspiration for couples
  • Diary “My IVF journey” and contribution to the endowment fund “N” of the Motol University Hospital
    Refreshments throughout the whole duration of the event