IVF for Single Women

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IVF for single women

IVF for single women

IVF for single women has become an increasingly common option and combined with the extended use of artificial insemination treatments like Intrauterine insemination (IUI), or egg freezing, not having, or choosing not to have a partner is no longer a barrier to achieving a pregnancy. Single women can now access these treatments in a fertility clinic in many countries addressing any fertility problems they may relate to their biological clock, e.g. low ovarian reserve. Before deciding to access fertility treatment for single women you should be aware of different legal implications which exist around donor identification, donor insemination and treatment eligibility in different countries.

IVF for single mothers is an achievable goal; there are diverse and screened donors in most countries that will match your requirements and your doctor will help you prepare for a successful treatment, whether it will be your first baby or a sibling for your other children.

Any fertility journey that requires treatment will carry risks, but these are mitigated by the very high standards of care and support offered by the best fertility clinics. This article will consider treatment options for IVF for single women and those countries which offer the best chance for you to conceive and start your own family in the future.

IVF for single mothers – with donor eggs or sperm, double donation

In vitro fertilisation for single women is perfectly possible without the need for a partner. There are many treatment options available that offer an alternative to a natural cycle. Many single women patients may already have a sperm donor before they first visit a fertility clinic. For those that do not, clinics will provide sperm donors who have been screened and, depending on the country in which you have treatment, you will be offered information about the donor. This might include basic details regarding a person’s race, age, blood type, RH factor, eye and hair colour, height, weight and completed education, or in some countries, the donor is identifiable and can be contacted by any child born as a result of their donation when the children reach 18.

Equally, if you require an egg donor, your fertility clinic will offer you options. In most European countries sperm and egg donors are aged between 18 and 35, and will be in good fertility and general health, they will be screened to ensure donors are not a carrier of any genetic abnormalities or diseases and will undergo medical and psychological tests.

If you are a single woman and your GP or fertility specialist has indicated that the chance of you getting pregnant with your own eggs is extremely unlikely you may be offered so-called double donation or embryo donation treatment. The former uses donor eggs and donor sperm and the latter offers embryos that have already been created and are no longer required by the donor(s). All these methods of conceiving for single women are available throughout Europe with some exceptions as we shall see, and also in the United States.

IVF for single parents – best countries and IVF clinics

The most popular destinations offering IVF for single mothers in Europe are Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine and Russia. All of these countries offer treatments involving donors whose identities are not shared with patients although specific information will be shared to confirm the donor’s health and phenotype and, depending on the country, additional personal detail such as level of education, height, and so on. Due to the absence of donor legislation in Russia donors may be anonymous or ‘known’ to the patient.

IVF for single ladies

Fertility treatment for single women – wrap up

IVF for single women is available in most European countries. Fertility clinics will invariably have a good supply of donors with diverse physical traits and in most countries, there will be no or very short waiting list.

There are a number of IVF treatments that can be offered to single women using donor sperm, eggs, embryos or a combination of both sperm and egg before embryo development. Countries will vary in terms of whether details regarding donors are shared with patients as will the costs of treatment. It is always advisable, therefore, to undertake thorough research before committing to a particular type of treatment in a specific destination.

IVF for single women – FAQs

Which countries allow IVF for single women?

Fertility legislation in different countries is subject to change over time. Presently single women cannot receive IVF treatment in a number of countries including Italy, Turkey, and Poland. France, however, is in the process of opening up access to single women after a recent legislative change. This move was echoed by Norway earlier in 2021. In Germany, it is not possible to undergo IVF treatment with the use of donated eggs but receiving sperm from a donor is acceptable.

How much does IVF cost for a single parent?

The cost of fertility treatment for women will, of course, vary from country to country. It ranges from €3,500 for an egg donation cycle in Russia to an upper range of around €3,500 in some clinics in Spain. The ultimate price, however, will depend on the type of donor treatment you receive.

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