Meet the New Wave of Fertility Choices Abroad

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New wave of fertility abroad

If you are a regular to my blog you’ll know that I discuss IVF abroad in depth. I’ve blogged about the best IVF clinic abroad for over 40’s, the cost of IVF abroad, success rates abroad and much more. My focus has been on the most popular and well-trodden countries such as Spain, the Czech Republic, Greece and Cyprus. But in the last year or so, there has been gradually more interest in visiting locations further away. The reasons are not absolutely clear at this point, but one of the main drivers may well be the lower cost of treatment together with the expansion of budget airlines travelling further and deeper into Europe.

Let’s look at the new frontiers of fertility treatment abroad and explore why these countries may appeal.


Serbia is located in central Europe and there are 13 IVF clinics located in the country which deal with IVF exclusively. What makes Serbia attractive is the low cost of IVF treatment which starts at 2000 Euros. Some people may be wary of a country they know little about except from the News and it is true that in terms of so-called “fertility tourism” they are behind the likes of Spain and Greece. However, Serbia has high hopes of attracting new visitors for fertility treatments. It recently introduced new legislation around IVF treatment and further laws are expected later in 2018. At the moment it only allows IVF treatment using own eggs – so donor treatments are not permitted. But there is no age limit for IVF unlike in some other countries. However, we shouldn’t forget that success rates fall off for women over 40 years using their own eggs.

Reason to visit? Specialists in low cost IVF treatment using own eggs

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Russia has long been considered an exotic location for a holiday but more recently, it has become a well-trodden path for fertility treatments too. There are over 140 treatment centres and these are mainly found in St Petersburg and Moscow. Low cost airlines are now regularly flying to these destinations for holidays and this makes visiting easier and cheaper. What makes Russia attractive to some people is the amount of information that is allowed to be known about the potential donor. Many countries in Europe restrict the amount of information given to parents about their donors. This is restricted to hair colour, build, eye colour, height etc. In some Russian clinics, paying a premium will enable you to see more information such as physical characteristics, medical background, social economic factors and even childhood photographs. The donors are still anonymous but some people may feel more comfortable knowing more information.

Reason to visit? More information available about your donor

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new wave of fertility abroad


Estonia is part of the European Union and at the moment there are six fertility clinics located there. Estonia has a well-developed healthcare system and fertility treatment is generously provided by the government. What makes it attractive to overseas visitors is the very low cost of living which is reflected in the cost of treatment. The price of IVF treatment using own eggs is from 1995 Euros. The country’s fertility clinics adhere to the European Tissue and Cells Directive which regulates assisted reproduction in the European Union. This makes it less of a worry for some people making that leap from traditional foreign paths to fertility. The country is steeped in history and is downright pretty. Holiday companies are offering holidays to Estonia so it is a fine place to visit alongside your treatment.

Reason to visit? Low cost and beautiful

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Poland is one of the easiest countries to visit from the UK as many budget airlines provide cheap and regular flights throughout the country.  It has around 39 IVF clinics to treat a population of 38 million but Polish fertility clinics are now attracting new visitors from abroad. That’s because the costs associated with treatment in a foreign country are so low. So things like accommodation and food are much cheaper there than in the UK which makes the whole trip abroad a lot cheaper. Poland is traditionally a catholic country and some of its laws on fertility reflect this e.g. IVF treatment is not available to single women and women-only couples. So it may not be suitable for all, but with low cost treatment and very low cost living expenses, the accumulated cost of treatment abroad is very attractive.

Reason to visit? Cheap cost of travel and living expenses whilst abroad

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Finland is perhaps not the first location considered when investigating treatment abroad but perhaps it would be wise to take a closer look. Close neighbours of Estonia, Finland is in northern Europe and is part of the European Union so its currency is the Euro and it adheres to the European Union Tissues and Cells Directive. In 2007 a law was passed which made it possible for a child born from donor treatment to access information about their donor. This information is not accessible to would-be parents though. Finland is well regulated and treatments are open to all so may make a good choice for single women and same sex lesbian couples.

Reason to visit? Donor identity available to children born from donation

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As the number of people who seek IVF abroad grows, new fertility clinics emerge to match the demand. But it’s not only the new, long established centres are also waking up to the new wave of people researching fertility options abroad. It is good to have choice as it can raise standards and keep prices low. However, it is always wise to be aware of any risk involved regardless of how attractive or cheap the treatment is. If you do not exercise due diligence when researching a fertility clinic here or abroad you may have an unsatisfactory outcome rather than a safe and successful one.