Recent Podcast Discussing IVF Treatment Abroad

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Fertility podcast

I’m usually the one who interviews staff from the clinics we have featured, but this week I was interviewed as part of a podcast alongside a doctor from a Spanish IVF clinic. Before I founded Fertility Clinics Abroad Ltd, I researched why people travelled abroad for treatment; I visited some European clinics, and spoke to others in the field. And my experience of studying embryology at University and then working in the field of IVF has put me in a really good position to provide this website as a resource. As a company we are trying to improve all the time and so if there are any aspects that you would like to see then please get in touch.

This podcast and other podcasts in the series, sheds light on travelling for treatment as well as all aspects of IVF treatment and are worth a listen. You can download them and listen anywhere at any time.

Listen to the Fertility Podcast