Spain and Czech Republic IVF Clinics Compared

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Czech Republic and Spain IVF compared

Czech Republic and Spain IVF compared

People often ask me what are the differences between Spain and the Czech Republic clinics. Having visited clinics in Madrid and Prague, and entered loads of information into my database from these visits, I am in a good position to look at them objectively.

Firstly, of course, there are IVF laws. For example, the law in the Czech Republic is quite clear on the maximum age of the woman that is to be treated – 49 years. In Spain, there is no law on the maximum age but usually clinics will only treat woman up to the age of 49. Also single and gay couples are eligible for treatment in Spain and not so in the Czech Republic.

There is a difference in the techniques used between the countries. For example, many of the clinics in Prague have time-lapse embryo monitoring but that isn’t always the case in Madrid. Another difference which I can see is that clinics in Madrid usually opt for day 3 transfer, whereas Prague clinics will tend to include blastocyst culture as standard. Of course, it depends on the number of embryos available etc. but the cost is inclusive normally.

There are many similarities too of course. Clinics in both countries usually have an international team, and some clinics have outpatient departments in the UK.  The staff are well trained. And the clinics themselves are regulated by a competent authority and must be licensed to practise.

Both countries offer a good choice of clinics, and each clinic offers something different.

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