Travelling for IVF Treatment

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Travelling abroad for IVFAn interesting recent article was published in the Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology about cross-border fertility care. Basically that means people travelling abroad for fertility treatment.  In it the UK researchers were investigating the growth of this area. They interviewed professionals in the field to investigate their views on so-called fertility tourism. The professionals had some concerns around the control of quality and safety standards among other things and stressed the importance of insuring that the clinic overseas is fit for purpose. However, the report goes on to say that these fears appear unfounded as many people who have travelled abroad believe that their care has been better than in the UK.

Of course everybody wants to know that the IVF clinic they choose to attend abroad is professional and successful at what they do. Clinics in many European countries are well regulated but of course due care has to be taken when selecting a clinic to make sure that it is right for your specific treatment.