100% Committed to Achieving Your Pregnancy | Única Bernabeu Guarantee Programme

Instituto Bernabeu Guarantee Programme

Instituto Bernabeu has 8 programmes adapted to the needs of each patient and refunds the money if pregnancy is not achieved. All of us who have had to go through an assisted reproduction process know that it is a roller coaster ride in every way: emotionally and financially. But what would happen if someone came along who could dispel all your uncertainties and guarantee that there’ll be no surprises in store for you? That it’ll all turn out fine, that not only will you get pregnant, but that you’ll stay pregnant until your baby is born? That it won’t cost you a Euro more than agreed, that if you need anything unexpected it’s already included in the price? This commitment exists. It was born 8 years ago as a result of Instituto Bernabeu’s sense of responsibility towards their patients. It’s called the ÚNICA BERNABEU programme. It is a guarantee of success for a job well done but if it is not successful, they’ll accept the challenge, and you get 100% of your money back.

Successful Pregnancy Guarantee

All the Única Bernabeu Pregnancy Guarantee programmes include all the necessary procedures for the best possible embryo development and care: a Geri® time-lapse incubator exclusively for you, extended culture up to blastocyst stage (day 5/6), assisted hatching, etc., as well as the freezing and storage of gametes and embryos and even a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis or study (DGP-PGT) of the embryo if your doctor recommends one.
Also, of course, the medical consultations and all the ultrasounds, analyses and controls are included until the pregnancy is confirmed by one of the world’s most qualified teams of doctors in reproductive medicine.

You will also have at your disposal complementary therapies such as a massage or acupuncture timed to coincide with your arrival, a clinical psychologist who will accompany you on an emotional level during the treatment, as well as a personal assistant who will be there to accompany and help you throughout the entire process. All this at no additional cost. An all-inclusive package to avoid any unwanted surprises! Just the certainty that you’re going to achieve your goal.

What happens if the pregnancy is terminated, or a biochemical or anembryonic pregnancy ensues?

The commitment of the Única Bernabeu programme remains in force until the moment of birth, which means that if your pregnancy is interrupted involuntarily before delivery if you have a miscarriage or there is an implantation failure or an anembryonic or biochemical pregnancy ensues, the commitment of the Única Bernabeu Guaranteed Success Programme will be re-established by starting a new treatment.

Única Bernabeu Pregnancy Programme for Every Need

Each patient is unique, just as your “Única Bernabeu” programme will also be treated uniquely. Instituto Bernabeu’s patients can benefit from treatment that is tailored to their specific medical needs and provided by a team that is specialised in the principal infertility pathologies, low ovarian reserve, embryo implantation failure, endometriosis, reproductive endocrinology, reproductive immunology, etc.

The “Unique Bernabeu” guaranteed success programme includes three fresh treatments and the transfers of the resulting cryopreserved embryos, with 18 months to achieve gestation. If you require egg donation, the programme includes the donor’s medication and the most comprehensive screening of gamete donors for carriers of genetic diseases (GCT) – more than 3,000 hereditary diseases are analysed.

Find the programme that best suits your needs from among the 8 treatment programmes which combine IVF, embryo adoption, egg donation, IVF ROPA, double IVF for low ovarian reserve, double gamete donation, etc., and don’t waste precious time and money on unsuccessful treatments. There is an experienced team of reproductive specialists waiting for you in Spain at the Instituto Bernabeu clinics in Alicante, Madrid, Mallorca, Cartagena, Albacete, Elche and Benidorm. And one overseas, in Venice, Italy.