IVF Cost Calculator

IVF Cost Calculator

Calculate the average cost of your IVF-ICSI or egg donation treatment abroad.
The calculation will include all basic techniques, selected add-ons and medications.

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Sperm freezing
Freezing partner's sperm before fertilisation might be a good strategy to make sure the sperm quality is the best at the day of fertilisation.
Donor sperm
Donor sperm from a bank can be used if the partner's sperm quality is low or if there is no partner.
AH - assisted hatching
Weakenning of the outer shell of the embryo by making a small hole in the zona pellucida using a laser.
Selecting a non-apoptotic sperm. Depending on the patient's medical conditions​
Selecting sperm using a high-magnification digital imaging microscope.
Embryo Monitoring (Embryoscope, Time Lapse, Geri etc.)
Embryo monitoring in special incubators till day 5. It allows embryos to be incubated in controlled environment. Patient may receive images or video of embryo development.
Hyaluronan-rich transfer medium used when transferring the embryo back into the uterus.
Vitrification of (remaining) embryos + 1 year storage
If there are surplus embryos not transferred, they need to vitrified and stored.
PGT-A | Preimplantation Genetis Testing
Technique used to test embryos before trasferring them into uterus towards aneuploidies.
Please note: We recommend to select FET - frozen embryo transfer within a PGT-A. Usually after biosy the embryos are frozen and than samples sent for diagnostics.
FET - frozen embryo transfer
The transfer of previously vitrified and stored embryos.

@ivf-program calculation in @country

Options included in @ivf-program calculation
  • Preparation and all consultations (visits)
  • Basic scans and tests
  • Egg retrieval and general anesthesia for the procedure
  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
  • Basic embryo monitoring
  • Embryo culture till day 3th or 5th depending on the patient’s medical conditions
  • Fresh embryo transfer (ET) at day 5th depending on the patient’s medical conditions
  • Medications for ovarian stimulation – average
  • Medications before an embryo transfer – average

@ivf-program calculation in @country

Options included in @ivf-program calculation
  • Preparation and all consultations (visits)
  • Basic scans and tests
  • 6-12 donor oocytes – fresh or frozen depending on the clinic​
  • Egg donor compensation, qualification, stimulation and oocytes retrieval​
  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
  • Basic embryo monitoring
  • Embryo culture till day 3th or 5th depending on the patient’s medical conditions
  • Fresh embryo transfer (ET) at day 5th depending on the patient’s medical conditions
  • Medications before an embryo transfer – average

@ivf-program cost calculation in @country

Basic cost range @ivf-program:
consultations, basic scans and tests, egg retrieval, general anesthesia for the procedure, ICSI, blastocyst culture, fresh embryo transfer.
Additional services:
Donort Sperm, EmbryoGlue.
Total cost of treatment @ivf-program:
flights, accommodation, any additional tests if required (e.g. ERA test), preliminary investigations and necessary monitoring in patient's home country throughout treatment.
Please note, average ranges are based on basic @ivf-program calculation costs in selected country. Stimulation medications cost are specific for patient's medical situation and country of residence. It is often practiced to buy medications at patient's home country directly.
Please note: Treatment costs presented below are not treated as a final offer and don’t guarantee the same costs in any IVF clinic in @country. IVF treatment costs vary case by case and should always be discussed with an IVF specialist individually.

IVF treatment eligibility in @country

IVF in Spain:
Woman up 50 years old are allowed. Some clinics may accept older patients based on individual circumstances. Single woman and same sex female couples (ROPA) are allowed.
IVF in Portugal:
Woman up 49 years old are allowed (49+364 days). Single woman and same sex female couples (ROPA) are allowed.
IVF in Czech Republic:
Woman up 48 years old are allowed (48+364 days). Single woman and same sex female couples (ROPA) are not allowed.
IVF in Greece:
Woman up 54 years old are allowed. Additional tests and qualification restrictions may apply to patients over 50. Single woman are allowed. Same sex female couples (ROPA) are allowed.
IVF in North Cyprus:
Woman up 55 years old are allowed. For woman 50-55 only patients meet certain criteria and have undergone specific tests - ask clinics directly for details. Single woman are allowed. Same sex female couples (ROPA) are allowed.
IVF in Denmark:
Woman up 45 years old are allowed. Single woman are allowed. Same sex female couples (ROPA) are allowed.
IVF in Latvia:
Woman up 50 years old are allowed however the age limit is not specified by law. The maximum age of the patient may be decided by each clinic individually. Single woman are allowed. Same sex female couples are not allowed.
IVF in Poland:
Woman up 50 years old are allowed however the age limit is not specified by law. The maximum age of the patient may be decided by each clinic individually. Single woman are not allowed. Same sex female couples are not allowed.

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It is very difficult to compare one clinic’s price with another as each clinic calculates its prices differently. If you are about to go for IVF Abroad – you may notice that IVF costs between clinics can vary by several thousands of Euros. IVF treatment packages advertised may include certain procedures, whilst at another clinic, they are considered an extra cost and this can be confusing.

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To calculate costs and compare like-with-like, we have suggested using the following set of criteria below. Using these criteria may make it easier for you to compare the cost at one clinic with the cost at another.  In almost all cases, it is assumed that all the tests required to start treatment will have been undertaken at home. If not, then these incur a further expense.

Everyone is different so the amount and extent of treatment you require will obviously change depending on your particular requirements but we hope by accessing our Cost Calculator you will have a better understanding of the likely costs you are likely to witness.

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Calculating Egg Donation Costs

For egg donation treatment the criteria which we suggest to compare like-with-like are:

  • Initial consultation – this may be deductible from the final price.
  • Sperm freezing – required so that there is a backup, or to reduce the amount of time spent abroad.
  • Donor stimulation – drugs for the donor are sometimes not included in the price, so check this.
  • ICSI – usually always used in treatment.
  • Embryo Monitoring
  • Cultivation to blastocyst – some fertility clinics do not always include this in the headline price so best to check.
  • Embryo freezing using vitrification method – why vitrification? Find out more about embryo freezing here.
  • Medication for you as a recipient is rarely included in any price promoted by a clinic.

Calculating IVF Costs

For IVF treatment, the criteria which we suggest to compare like-with-like are:

  • Initial consultation
  • Sperm freezing
  • Screening of diseases for male and female partner (mandatory)
  • Sedation – check that this is included as sometimes it is an additional cost
  • ICSI
  • Embryo monitoring
  • Cultivation to blastocyst
  • Embryo freezing using vitrification method -why? Find out more about embryo freezing here.
  • Medication for you is rarely included.

If you are from the UK – you may check what’s the average IVF cost in the UK and why UK based patient’s go abroad for an IVF treatment.

IVF costs – what you need to know

Fertility clinics abroad are free to set their own costs just like any other private healthcare provider which means that you will find that the same treatments can cost different amounts in different clinics. It is therefore very important that you understand what is included in any quote and compare it against a number of providers to ensure you choose the right treatment at the most appropriate cost.

Some clinics may quote a cost for treatment only (i.e., IVF or ICSI) and not include the cost of medication which can be expensive, freezing and storing surplus embryos or associated administration costs. Others may quote for everything in a set package and although this might seem expensive it might be more appropriate. On the other hand, if you sign up for a treatment package you need to be certain that you need all the included aspects! Put simply, identifying costs can be a time consuming and confusing exercise. In fact, obtaining a quote for a specific treatment will often test the resolve of the most diligent researcher!

Most good clinics will present costs on their website – this is particularly so with countries like the UK, the Czech Republic and Greece. Treatment costs for clinics in Spain which attracts most international patients can be more difficult to ascertain – patients are encouraged invariably to contact the clinic by email or phone to obtain a specific quote.

When seeking IVF costs at different clinics check to see if the provider also offers an IVF Programme Guarantee scheme which offers a number of treatment cycles for a fixed cost that is redeemable at different stages if the treatment is unsuccessful.

Whilst the cost of fertility treatment varies considerably between countries there is a lower differential between providers in the same country. One tip therefore might be to choose a country in which treatment is regulated and available to suit your requirements and then choose a number of options with which to compare IVF costs.

You then choose like-for-like treatments that are bound by the same regulatory and legislative rules and standards.

The cost of fertility treatment explained

When searching for IVF costs you will generally come across a ‘headline’ figure – for example, ‘one cycle costs €2,500’ – this can refer to a fixed but limited set of activities which could include any scans, egg collection, embryology and embryo transfer. There are however a whole host of additional activities which may need to be factored in when calculating your fertility treatment cost. Some of these activities are indicated below with average, indicative costs which have been collected from clinics across Europe;

  • Initial baseline diagnostic tests (male and female): € 500
  • Specialist consultation: Many providers offer a free initial consultation but where this is not available expect to pay a minimum of €250
  • Donor sperm samples from International Sperm Bank: € 250
  • IUI AID – insemination with partner’s sperm or donor sperm: € 500
  • Egg, embryo or sperm vitrification and storage: € 250+ for one year
  • Medication: € 1,000
  • Monitoring scans: € 300
  • Embryo monitoring: € 800

IVF costs can therefore soon mount up. Added to this list you have a range of additional services and treatments like Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis testing and endometrial scratching which can add an additional hundreds of euros to the cost of fertility treatment.

Your specific fertility treatment cost might involve none, some or all of the above costs but you need to factor these activities in at the start of your journey to have a realistic and accurate appraisal of the overall cost of your IVF treatment.

How to finance/cover the IVF costs?

Patients employ a variety of means to pay for the cost of fertility treatment. If you are living in the UK you might be entitled to a fixed number of IVF cycles based on where you live – funded cycle provision under the NHS varies considerably region by region. State aid is a feature of many other European countries – discounts ranging from around 90% in Belgium, France, Greece, Netherlands and Slovenia, to 20-30% in Bulgaria, Romania and Spain are available.

In recent years there has been the emergence of many IVF Refund Programmes both for IVF with own eggs and egg donation treatments. These programmes managed by private companies offer the promise of certain refunds if a pregnancy is not achieved within a number of cycles. The price of the programmes are fixed and patients have to satisfy strict eligibility criteria to be able to access them.

Other clinics offer in-house finances packages which are tied to specific treatments. In the UK egg sharing is also offered as a way of reducing costs. Egg Sharing is a process in which a woman (the sharer or donor or provider) going through IVF treatment elects to donate half of her eggs to another woman who needs donor eggs because the recipient woman is unable to produce her own. The sharer then receives a discount on their treatment cost.

Alternatively patients use savings and loans to fund IVF costs and many have had to resort to online funding platforms such as GoFundMe or CrowdFunder to help fund IVF costs.

How to calculate/check costs in particular IVF clinics?

There are country-based differences about what IVF costs are publicly shared. In the UK clinics provide a lot of information online which is freely available but one criticism is that some clinics only promote whole treatment packages and do not provide a breakdown of the costs of individual elements.

Across Spain, 90% of clinics don’t publish price lists on their websites and a similar picture exists in other countries such as North Cyprus and Ukraine. Interestingly, countries, where the numbers of international patients are growing substantially, are beginning to embrace online transparency and freely share prices without having to register an interest. These countries include Greece and the Czech Republic.

It is also difficult to price certain treatments with providers in different countries. A good example of this is the costs associated with Frozen Embryo Transfers. We found during our research that many patients were not informed that the use of frozen embryos might be considered during their treatment and were therefore not told about the cost of the treatment until they were committed to it.

Once again it is important to identify what specific treatments you require and get like-for-like costs from several treatment providers. It might also be a good idea to discuss the cost of alternative treatments which might be considered during your treatment thus avoiding any surprises further down the line.

Costs for IVF treatment vary between countries but it can sometimes be difficult to calculate a finished or final price as fertility clinics employ different methods to advertise their fees. Costs for IVF may be listed in the form of a package price or listed individually by treatment costs and medication costs.

When you begin to search for an appropriate treatment provider you must ensure that you don’t get a nasty surprise in the form of unexpected bills once you begin your treatment plan. At the beginning of your first consultation agree with your doctor and centre staff what services are included in the IVF process and ask whether any payment options are offered.

In this article, we examine what costs for IVF treatment are offered by different countries in Europe.

Factors that Can Influence the Cost of IVF Treatment

The cost of an IVF treatment involves many different components. Unlike other medical interventions which involve a single activity infertility treatments are complex processes which involve a series of interrelated activities which attract different fees. These activities and services such as the initial consultation, blood tests, ultrasound monitoring, fertility drugs, the actual IVF process, embryo transfers, pregnancy testing, cryopreservation and potential storage fees all attract additional costs. For those without fertility insurance coverage, IVF costs will have to be borne from your pocket and these costs can be quite considerable.

Another factor that can influence and increase costs for IVF is the actual choice of the treatment itself. If, for example, treatment involves donor egg or donor sperm, there will be extra costs. Also, costs between IUI and conventional in vitro fertilization vary. So too do procedures such as hatching, ultrasound monitoring, additional blood tests and anaesthesia. Additionally, access to specialists like counsellors and complementary therapists may not be included in the quoted costs for IVF. If you are advised or choose additional procedures such as assisted hatching or Preimplantation Genetic Screening there will be cost implications.

The package price quoted by fertility clinics may not include medication costs, storage fees after cryopreservation, or any additional treatments caused by unforeseen fertility issues. Payment options and fees may also include a refund programme which is triggered if couples are successful and the IVF process results in a child and parenthood.

Your choice of fertility clinics will also affect the costs for IVF treatment as each will vary in price and there are the additional logistical costs of visiting particular locations. For instance, your visit may incur transport and accommodation costs which need to be factored in. The fertility centre you choose may also add on further costs if you have access to technologies that are particularly innovative such as unique donor matching methods. In general, however, the cost of an IVF provided by fertility clinics will usually cover all the expenses associated with specialists such as the endocrinologist and embryologists who carry out the treatment plan, the IVF process including embryo transfers and all other protocols.

The in vitro fertilization outcome will not be based on the costs of IVF treatment. At your first consultation with the doctor ask questions about success rates, and the ratio of attempts to parenthood and clarify any package price to ensure there is no surprise in the IVF process from the consultation to the pregnancy testing and parenthood. Finally, do remember to ask whether there is any fertility insurance coverage available; whether fertility drugs and medication costs are included and if the fertility centre offers any payment options to allow you to pay the costs for IVF flexibly.

In summary, the top five factors that can influence the costs of IVF treatment:

  • The treatment plan and type of procedure i.e., IUI or conventional in vitro fertilization
  • The package lea
  • price i.e., does it include medication costs, blood tests, ultrasound monitoring, etc.
  • The payment options i.e., does the fertility centre offer a refund or fertility insurance coverage
  • The success rates offered by the fertility centre
  • Additional fertility specialist help from counsellors, complementary therapists and so on.

The Total Cost of One IVF Treatment

When we talk about the cost of an IVF in this article we refer to the cost of one cycle which is quoted by the individual fertility centre. We highlight where possible additional fees could be charged – we recommend that you put any questions relating to cost directly to each centre to avoid any unnecessary surprise fees or conditions attached to the package price you are given.

Costs for IVF treatment vary between countries and the total cost quoted may not include essentials such as the first consultation with specialists; any preparatory procedures such as blood tests and ultrasound monitoring based on the protocol of the fertility centre, medication costs, additional embryo transfers, cryopreservation, and storage fees.

If the fertility centre does offer a refund programme or fertility insurance coverage it may be that ‘One IVF treatment’ may involve several infertility treatments until there is a successful outcome – the number of treatments will depend on the package plan offered by the fertility centre and this should be one of the questions you ask your fertility specialist at your first consultation.

Additional Costs For IVF

In an ideal world, all fertility clinics would list their costs for IVF treatment in a single, inclusive package price which would list a treatment plan and a full fertility care protocol. This is not the case unfortunately and patients need to do both research and ask specific questions to ascertain what is included in the costs of IVF and what additional costs might be incurred.

A lot of these extra costs aside from essential fees such as those associated with fertility drugs and medication costs have been termed ‘add-ons’. These include the use of technologies and targeted procedures which are designed to further increase outcome and success rates. ‘Add-ons’ can be a contentious issue as the efficacy of each depends on which clinic or specialists you speak to. We have listedseveralf add-on treatments that clinics can offer as supplementary procedures;

  • Assisted hatching
  • Endometrial scratching
  • Pre-implantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A)
  • Reproductive immunology tests and treatment
  • Sperm DNA damage.

We recommend that you speak to your fertility centre to ascertain which, if any, of the so-called add-ons are available or are recommended in your particular case.

IVF Cost Calculator

The Average Cost of IVF

The average costs for IVF depend on the type of treatment you receive. Costs for IVF treatment can vary considerably so you will need to spend some time researching what you will receive for the fees you pay. If we look at the actual cost per IVF cycle, the natural IVF procedure is the cheapest form of IVF. This procedure does not use more expensive drugs to stimulate the ovaries and collects fewer eggs and can cost an average of 2,000 euros per cycle. Whilst this procedure is more favourable for women to avoid the discomfort of ovarian stimulation it does take on average more cycles to achieve a positive outcome compared to a conventional IVF procedure.

A conventional IVF procedure using the patient’s own eggs is the middle ground in terms of treatment costs. The average cost of an IVF procedure with own eggs ranges from 2,500 euros to 5,000 euros depending on the country in which the procedure is undertaken. These averages, however, do not ordinarily take into account the additional expense of medication costs which can increase the overall cost of an IVF by a further 20% in some cases.

Finally, costs for the IVF procedure which depends on the use of a donor is the most expensive cycle you will be charged by a fertility centre. Once again average costs will depend on clinic locations but as a rule of thumb average costs across Europe run from 1,500 euros to around 7,000 euros inclusive of medication costs. Taking these average prices across Europe you can expect to pay the least for a donor IVF cycle in places like the Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine and the most in countries like the U.K. with other countries like Spain in between the two.

In the following sections, we take a look at the average costs for IVF treatment in different countries. The costs quoted do not include the cost of travel and accommodation if you were to travel to a fertility centre and ordinarily won’t include medication costs which add to the overall package price.

Cost of IVF in the UK

If you do not fit the conditions for the funded treatment via the NHS or your local clinical commissioning group does not offer funded treatment you can access treatment at one of the registered private clinics found in 178 locations around the country. In comparison to many European countries, the cost of IVF in the UK is more expensive although several ‘budget’ providers have entered the UK over recent years which has reduced the average cost of treatments.

The lowest advertised costs for IVF in the UK at present hovers around £2,500 which is promoted as an ‘inclusive’ package price. Research by strategic insight agency Opinium recently found the average price a single cycle of IVF with own eggs was £3,348. However, this did not include medication costs and doctor consultations which can significantly drive up prices. The costs for IVF treatment involving an egg donor are much higher starting on average at around £6,000. Once you add in medication costs, a consultation with a medical specialist and tests based on the clinic’s own protocol these costs can amount very quickly and even reach 15,000 pounds at ‘high-end’ fertility clinics.
More information on IVF costs in the UK can be found here.

Cost of IVF in Spain

Spain remains the most popular of all European destinations for patients travelling for fertility treatment and is the most popular detonation for travellers from the U.K. Today, it has over 300 registered treatment and gynaecological centres offering conventional and donor led infertility treatments.

As you would expect with that many treatment providers competition in terms of costs for IVF is fierce and there are considerable variations between fertility clinics. The average cost of an IVF procedure with own eggs starts at around €5,000 and the average cost of an egg donation treatment is €7,000. Some clinics, however, offer an enhanced package price or refund schemes which can significantly increase the costs for IVF treatment whilst making some ‘guarantees’ about the outcome of treatment. More information on IVF costs in Spain can be found here.

Cost of IVF in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has become one of the most popular destinations in Europe for the IVF patients because of excellent success rates, well-proportioned clinics using the most advanced technologies and very competitive costs for IVF treatment. The forty or so fertility clinks in the country represent very good value for money with in vitro fertilization treatments ranging from 2,500 euros for conventional IVF to an average of 3,800 euros for procedures involving an egg donor. When you add the medication costs which are reasonable compared to other European countries the average cost of infertility treatments in the country are very attractive.

The low cost of an IVF procedure in the Czech Republic is not an indication of lower quality care and treatment. In fact, the success rates are comparable to any advanced European country and the protocol offered by top specialists manages to achieve an excellent outcome for couples. Some of the good fertility clinics in the country also offer a package price and various refund and guarantee programmes. More information on IVF costs in the Czech Republic.

Cost of IVF in Greece

The liberal laws guiding fertility treatments in Greece have boosted the numbers of people travelling and undergoing treatment there over the last couple of decades. Fertility clinics have been established in the major cities and on some of the islands, and it is legal to treat couples, single women, lesbian couples (with certain legal paperwork) and women up to the age of 50.

The liberal laws and the increased number of patients who travel have made the Greek fertility market a very competitive one which has driven up success rates as clinics make use of available technologies and specialists have become more experienced. In turn, this has meant that the average cost of an IVF has reduced as competition has become more intense.

Whilst significant variations exist in costs for IVF treatment at different clinics the prices tend to sit between 3,200 euros at the lower end for IVF with own eggs up to around 7,000 euros for a donor egg programme. It must be, however, that travel, accommodation and additional costs for fertility drugs and therapeutic support are relatively low in Greece compared to some other European countries. Therefore the overall potential package price is very competitive. More information on IVF costs in Greece.

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Cost of IVF in Cyprus

For the purposes of this article when we refer to Cyprus we talk about those fertility clinics which are situated in the North of the island. The island can be accessed by flights from the majority of European capitals and accommodation is plentiful and competitively priced. IVF treatments are allowed for heterosexual couples, single women and most clinics accept lesbian couples; there is no law guiding surrogacy so clinics can undertake embryo transfers from intended parents to surrogates.

The range of fertility treatments combined with good success rates, available package prices and payment options means that Cyprus is a very attractive proposition for many fertility travellers who can pay an average of 3,000 euros for a single IVF cycle with own eggs and 6,000 for a cycle using donor eggs. More information on IVF costs in Cyprus.

Cost of IVF in Turkey

Compared to many countries in this guide the legal framework which shaped IVF provision in Turkey is fairly prohibitive. in vitro fertilization treatments are not allowed for unmarried heterosexual or lesbian couples, and single women. Surrogacy, embryo, sperm and egg donations are not permissible.

The average costs for IVF treatment are therefore only applicable to married couples using their own eggs and sperm. These costs are extremely competitive, averaging 1,600 euros plus medication costs and fees associated with travel and accommodation. More information on IVFcosts in Turkey can be found here.

Cost of IVF in Estonia

There are three private fertility clinics in Estonia serving international patients. There has been highly regulated legislation governing fertility treatments in Estonia since 1997 and these have meant that the small number of clinics that are inspected regularly have developed into excellent examples of high-quality treatment providers.

Treatments are offered to married and unmarried heterosexual couples as well as single women clinics employ an upper age limit of 50 on women patients. Despite high success rates, average costs for IVF treatment remain on par with many other countries. An IVF cycle using own eggs can start at around 2,000 euros with egg donation programmes beginning around the 6,000 euro mark. More information on IVF costs in Estonia can be found here.

Cost of IVF in Ukraine

Fertility clinics in Ukraine offer some of the cheapest costs for IVF across Europe and treatments cover many patients with the exclusion of those in same-sex relationships. There is no upper age limit, surrogacy is permitted, and anonymous sperm and donation programmes are offered.

The costs for IVF treatment can start as little as 1,500 euros for a single cycle with own eggs rising to just over 3,000 euros for a cycle with frozen donor eggs. There are 30 clinics in the country and many will offer refund or guarantee programmes, a package price and help with accommodation and travel. More information on IVF costs in Ukraine.

Cost of IVF in Latvia

The relatively small country of Latvia has a population of 2 million and its network of seven private fertility clinics has established a reputation which is based on the delivery of very high levels of care. This reputation is responsible for the increasing numbers of fertility tourists from Scandinavia and Germany as well as the UK and France who are prepared to travel to the country for in vitro fertilization treatment.

The growing numbers of patients, however, combined with excellent feedback and success rates means that costs for IVF have increased in recent years. You now would expect to pay as much for infertility treatments in Latvia as you would in London. Treatment fees for a single IVF cycle with own eggs can vary between 3,500 and 6500 euros whilst egg donation programmes can cost anywhere between 5,000 and 8,000 euros. Add to these fees, fertility drugs, travel and accommodation and you see that Latvia is not one of the cheapest providers of in vitro fertilization. More information on IVF costs in Latvia.

Cost of IVF in Russia

There are well over 100 clinics based in the major cities of Moscow and St Petersburg that provide a range of in vitro fertilization treatments to international patients. Clinics provide treatments to married and unmarried heterosexual couples and single women but not to couples in same-sex relationships. Surrogacy is permitted and patients are offered both anonymous and non-anonymous donors.

Advanced technologies are available in Russia and clinics promote good success rates and employ specialists with extensive experience of fertility issues. The average cost of an IVF (single cycle) with own eggs starts at around 2,000 euros rising to 5,000 euros, and egg donor programmes run between 4,000 and 7,000 euros. More information on IVF costs in Russia can be found here.

Cost of IVF in Poland

Poland boasts one of the highest IVF success rates in Europe and is becoming very popular with international patients from many countries including the U.K. There are now around forty clinics in the country that provide infertility treatments to married or cohabitating heterosexual couples. Patients in same-sex relationships or single women are denied treatment.

The costs for IVF using own eggs can start at just over 3,000 euros whereas IVF with donor eggs can start as little as 4,000 euros plus fertility drugs. In line with other countries in Europe egg and sperm donors are anonymous. More information on IVF costs in Poland.

Cost of IVF in Slovakia

There are five private fertility clinics in Slovakia which offer infertility treatments which are regarded as good quality. Clinics are well equipped, utilize advanced technologies and employ specialists with a high degree of experience; embryologists are skilled in all aspects of the IVF process and fertility care is undertaken by a doctor team trained to promote parenthood.

The cost of an IVF in Slovakia is extremely competitive to that offered by other countries and starts as low as 1,200 euros for a single conventional IVF cycle with own eggs rising to around 4,500 euros for a treatment involving an egg donor. The fees would increase when medication costs are added or any extra procedures, or add-ons such as hatching, endometrial scratching or pre-implantation genetic testing. More information on IVF costs in Slovakia.

IVF Costs In Summary

The average cost of an IVF cycle in Europe varies as you would imagine. A point to remember is that higher prices don’t necessarily mean higher success rates and low prices equate to lower success rates. Take care in your research to identify what is included in any package price; consider whether you require any additional treatments over and above that package and don’t forget associated costs such as those around travel and accommodation. The cost of fertility drugs can increase the cost of an IVF procedure substantially therefore it is wise to enquire about these costs before committing yourself to a particular fertility center.

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By Aleksander Wiecki