IVF Packages

Here you can find top IVF packages provided by IVF clinics in Europe. 

We list all IVF packages in the same way so it’s easy to understand which procedures are included and which are charged extra.

Remember – always ask the clinic about the approximate cost of the IVF treatment in your individual case – the one that will ensure the highest possibility for success. Please note that additional IVF procedures, techniques or diagnoses should always be discussed with a doctor.

iGin clinic in Spain

iGin – Top IVF Programme

Program cost: €4,895
  • Case-oriented consultation with the doctor
  • ICSI and embryo culture to blastocyst stage
  • 2-year storage of frozen embryos
  • Above-average success rates for all treatments
  • Free Skype consultations
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How to choose the best IVF with own eggs package?


We know that choosing the best IVF clinic for your IVF treatment is hard. In fact, it may even be the most difficult decision in your life as would-be parents. The best way to get on with it is to approach this process in a carefully thought-out way. Weighing up the pros and cons and deciding what is best for one’s own particular situation – this is what each patient should always start with. 

What most patients tend to pay attention to at the beginning of their clinic search are three factors: price, location and convenience. However, it seems that the most important thing to do is to compare different clinics in terms of the services they offer. Only in this way, patients can get real confidence in the treatment and care the clinic provides. Also, it is probably the best way to see how different options compare with patients’ own treatment priorities.

But having said that, we must admit that getting into details of IVF clinics’ programmes is not an easy task. Clinics are rarely upfront when it comes to prices of their treatments as they tend not to mention all the add-on procedures a patient’s individual therapy may require. On the other hand, patients often do not have enough knowledge to realise what purpose all of these add-ons serve and if they really need them or not. 

Top IVF Packages in Europe 

So how to deal with the challenging – but very necessary – task of comparing clinics’ IVF packages? We have a solution for you! And the solution is right here before your eyes. This is the page where you will find top own-eggs IVF packages provided by IVF clinics in Europe. Our page is a perfect place for you to start your clinic research with. We have gathered offers for patients interested in going for IVF abroad from the best European IVF centres and now we are listing all IVF with own eggs programmes in the same way. What does it mean? It means that thanks to the clear way of presenting the data, it is easy to understand which procedures are included in the treatment and which are charged extra. No misunderstandings, just transparency. Additionally, the information provided by us may help you realise that some factors are important to consider in your fertility journey and it can be useful in determining your treatment priorities.

We believe that only comprehensive therapies, which are aimed at solving a specific fertility-related problem, are bound to be successful. That’s why with this page we don’t only want to ensure price transparency in top IVF packages but also we aim to help you avoid potential miss-selling of treatments. Remember to always ask the clinic about the approximate cost of the IVF treatment in your individual case, as well as about necessary additional procedures that will ensure the highest success possibility in your particular situation. Please note that additional IVF procedures, techniques or diagnosis should always be discussed with a doctor.

Personalized treatment vs. IVF packages

Of course, each patient is different – and as a result, in each case, different emphasis should be put on infertility diagnosis and medical history. From this point of view, all the top IVF programmes presented by us can only serve as a starting point in your own assessment of the clinics. If you need any clarification on any of the treatment details presented here, please call the clinic personally before scheduling an appointment.

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