Did you know sperm quality is higher in men who wear kilts?

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sperm quality and kiltsAccording to the Scottish Medical Journal, anecdotal evidence has indicated that men who wear kilts without any undergarments (so-called Regimental style) have better sperm quality. The researcher looked at historic research reports on scrotal temperature and sperm production.  This indicated that wearing tight underpants appears to raise the temperature around the testicles by 3.5 deg C. Optimal sperm production happens when the temperature of the scotum is around 35-36 deg C. i.e. lower than the body temperature.

Therefore it is concluded that mean who wear kilts ‘regimental style’ will produce better quality sperm!

Did Rabbie Burns ever wear a kilt?

“Burns when at home, usually wore a blue or drab long-tailed coat, corduroy breeches, dark-blue stockings, and cootikens, and in cold weather a black-and-white checked plaid.”

(From a recollection of William Clark, servant of Robert Burns at Ellisland, near Dumfries, 1789-90).