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UR Vistahermosa - IVF Package with own eggs

UR Vistahermosa, fertility clinic, is located in Alicante, Spain. It is a private hospital and was established in 1983. The clinic is located within the hospital Clínica Vistahermosa hospital which means that it has access to a wide range of departments and specialities if needed. There are four laboratories in the complex and eight operating theatres with many recovery patient rooms. In 2016 the clinic carried out 1,316 treatment cycles of which 524 were donor egg cycles. The clinic accepts HIV/HCV/HBV positive patients. 

More than 35 years of nurturing life…


The clinic director is Dr. López Gálvez. He is the director of the Specialist University Course on Human Reproductive Biology at Universidad Miguel Hernández in Alicante. At the clinic there are 8 doctors and 5 embryologists. The senior embryologist has 25 years’ of experience and is ESHRE accredited. The clinic has an International Department that assists patients coming from other countries. They can even communicate with your gynaecologist in your home country before you come to Spain to coordinate your treatment.

The procedure of IVF/ICSI normally consists of two visits to Alicante. We can also help schedule just one visit, but we would need some previous tests to be performed in the patient’s home country, so we can arrange the treatment and they would just come for the monitoring of follicles. The patient will stay in Alicante until the transfer. If the patient travels to Spain twice, our medical team will review the case and will explain the procedure and will answer the questions. They will perform a medical exam with ultrasound scan and transfer test. Also, blood tests on patient and partner (if needed) will be done in this visit and he will provide a sample to be analyzed and frozen, even if they decide to use fresh sperm, just in case.

After the visit, the doctor will prescribe medication and will explain the treatment protocol. We have sperm donor bank both national and international, in case patients need them. Any information patients can bring will be always helpful for the doctors, as they can review it and consider it for the cycle. An online Skype consultation can be arranged with our doctors to discuss the best path to face your case successfully. Regarding IVF, patients will need some injections to stimulate ovaries and to create follicles. Patients can take the medication while they are in their home country and come for the ultrasound monitoring. As soon as they are ready, we will schedule the egg collection. As we are located inside a hospital, they will be completely safe because the staff of the hospital is 24 hours here. On the day of the egg collection, patients can stay in a private en-suite room at the hospital, just in case, and then they can move to the hotel the next morning. The total stay can be between 7 and 10 days. When we collect the eggs, we microinject them with the partner’s sperm of partner or with donor sperm and we keep the embryos developing in culture for 5 days until they achieve the blastocyst stage (if possible).

Programme restrictions and qualification criteria

Programme details

The success of in vitro fertilisation depends to a large extent on:

  • the woman’s age,
  • the number and quality of the eggs obtained,
  • the quality of semen
  • the development of the embryos.

In general, the pregnancy rate per cycle is between a 40% and 65%, although in patients under the age of 32, this percentage can be 70% in three cycles.

IVF package with own eggs

at UR Vistahermosa
  • We assist low IVF responders using growth hormones to improve their chances of achieving successful pregnancy
  • High IVF success rates
  • En-suite room stay guaranteed on the night of egg collection for the patient and her partner
  • Personalized IVF protocol for every patient
  • Treatment carried out within comprehensive hospital care service and specialized units (own Genetics Unit)

Services & procedures included in the IVF package and additional costs

  • Online consultation with a doctor €80

    Before the first visit, e.g. Skype, WhatsApp (redeemable once patient starts treatment)

  • First medical consultation €80

    Qualification for an IVF programme at the clinic (no tests included)

  • Qualification tests for woman €550

    Includes FEMALE and MALE standard tests

  • Qualification tests for partner €550

    Includes FEMALE and MALE standard tests

  • Embryologist consultation included

    Consultation with an embryologist - before/after embryo transfer

  • Sperm analysis/test included

    Included if the patient undergoes the treatment

  • Sperm freezing before IVF program included

    Included before the transfer day

  • ICSI included
  • Blastocyst culture included

    embryo development till day 5

  • Vitrification of (remaining) embryos and storage €920

    Storage of vitrified embryos: €400/year

  • MACS €325
  • IMSI N/A
  • AH - assisted hatching included
  • Embryo monitoring included

    e.g. Embryoscope, TimeLapse or any other embryo monitoring system

  • Embryo Glue included
  • PGT-A (PGS) €3,650

    Genetic embryo testing - chromosomes aneuploidies analysis

  • PGT-A embryo biopsy + IVF €7,650

    Package: IVF with PGT-A

  • ET - Embryo transfer included
  • FET - frozen embryo transfer €1,200

    FET during the following cycle if the first cycle failed and there are frozen embryos left

  • Accommodation included

    1-night stay in a hospital's patient en-suite room (after the egg collection), dinner included, breakfast on the following day inlcuded.

  • Endometrial scratch included

    If needed.

  • Other services offered included

    Car transfers from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm in Alicante and San Juan (airport-hotel-clinic); monitoring ovulation induction/ultrasound scan, analysis and monitoring check-ups; helping arranging accommodation in hotels with special rates; online follow up consultations before, during and after treatment

Payment terms

  • 30% of the treatment price to be paid on the day of the first consultation (not refunded)
  • 70% of the treatment price to be paid when the patient starts the stimulation.

Refund amounts if the programme is cancelled:

  • 1st cancellation (before egg collection, no response): EUR 750*
  • 2nd cancellation (after egg collection, no oocytes): EUR 3,450*
  • 3rd cancellation (after puncture, no embryos): EUR 3,800*

* Subject to modification depending on exceptions and individual cases.

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